Should I buy or lease a Mercedes-Benz?

September 8th, 2019 by

Should I buy or lease a Mercedes-Benz?

Are you currently struggling to decide whether you should buy or lease your next Mercedes-Benz? At Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, we know how hard that decision can be, since we have heard it from so many people, who come in to buy their first Mercedes-Benz. The most important question you should ask yourself is what will benefit you most, buying or leasing? If you have the finances, you should buy the car outright, but if you have other financial obligations it is best to lease the car. In this blog by Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, we shed some light on whether you should buy or lease a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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Why would you want to lease a Mercedes-Benz?…

If you decide to lease your next Mercedes-Benz, you are saving money, obviously. Leasing is also better than taking out an auto loan, because when you compare the monthly payment for your lease, with the monthly payment for your auto loan, you will notice that the lease payment is more affordable. This works out for you, because you will be buying the same car but for less money. The money you save by leasing can be used to spend on excess kilometers or wear and tear on the vehicle.

Why would you want to buy a Mercedes-Benz?…

You can outright buy a new Mercedes-Benz, and claim full ownership of the car. There are no complications with contracts, and you can rest easy knowing that you have got this Mercedes-Benz for years to come. Some people like that stability of having complete ownership of a car, and if you have the finances, you should just go ahead and buy it. You also don’t have to worry about driving your car on long trips, because there is no agreed-upon annual kilometer limit. The biggest benefit of buying a Mercedes-Benz upfront is knowing that you don’t have to keep making monthly payments, which happens when you lease a car. When you own a Mercedes-Benz, you have financial freedom, and can start saving up the additional money for when you decide to upgrade to a newer top-of-the-line model.

Whichever option you go with, one thing’s for certain, you will be driving a premium quality high-end vehicle! For more information about leasing or buying a Mercedes-Benz, we recommend that you come in and visit our dealership today! Our associates can answer all of your questions.

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