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When you rely on the service centre at Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, you can take on the streets of Kitchener, ON knowing that your vehicle is in top shape. Learn about what to expect when you take advantage of the Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance program.

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Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo Auto Repair & Service

Welcome to the service centre at Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, where our investment in your vehicle extends beyond the showroom floor.

Our dedication to providing a lavish driving experience in and around Kitchener, Waterloo, London, and Burlington, Ontario, continues well after you found the Mercedes-Benz of your dreams. Our factory-trained technicians use their skills and expertise to perform any and all maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs.

Read on to learn more.

About Our Service Centre

When it comes time to service or repair your vehicle, it is important to always return to our service department. Here, you can be sure that you have a qualified, factory-trained, and experienced technician working on your vehicle.

Having undergone extensive training, our technicians fully know the inner workings of these exotic vehicles. That way, they can easily identify a part that isn’t operating at 100 percent faster than expected.

Having the knowledge you can always expect the best care for your Mercedes-Benz and that our team will only use Mercedes-Benz genuine parts—the same ones used when crafting your vehicle—we can help ensure your car provides years of driving enjoyment

One thing that sets our dealership apart from others is that, with every maintenance visit, our technicians will inspect key components of your vehicle, including:

  • Engine
  • Interior
  • Underside
  • Wheels
  • Brakes

During this inspection, our team can identify if additional maintenance—such as an air filter replacement or fluid refill—is needed to keep your vehicle healthy.

Mercedes-Benz Recommended Service

In addition to assisting with automotive repairs, our team is eager to help keep your Mercedes-Benz always perform at its best through routine maintenance. To help maintain its like-new appearance and exceptional performance capabilities, Mercedes-Benz recommends you follow a strict service plan.

Two different service plans—Service A and Service B—help ensure optimal performance and overall vehicle longevity. For best results, Mercedes-Benz recommends alternating between these two service plans.

Service A

Once you spend about one year or 20,000 kilometres behind the wheel—whichever comes first—it’s time for the first appointment. Service A includes several basic services, such as:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Remote key battery replacement
  • Fluid level check and correction
  • Brake component inspection
  • Check all lights

Additionally, a thorough examination of your vehicle’s tires is performed at this time. During the examination, the technician will study the condition and inflation of each tire, correcting as needed. In doing so, you know that your Mercedes-Benz is always travelling with the optimal tread and grip of the road to ensure safe travels.

A reset of the maintenance indicator also occurs at this time. This indicator tracks your unique driving habits and can recommend certain services sooner than the manufacturer recommends.

Service B

After about two years on the road, or 40,000 kilometres, or one year after the previous service— whichever comes first—it’s time for Service B. This includes services like a synthetic motor oil replacement as seen with Service A, but it also adds new checks, such as:

  • Suspension, steering, and driveline
  • Seat belts and buckles
  • Condition of poly belt
  • Expiration date for tire sealant
  • Correct headlamp settings

A tire rotation, when needed, is also performed at this time to ensure all tires age at the same rate. Finally, a cabin filter is replaced to ensure you’re always surrounded by the freshest air.

More Than Service: Our Additional Service Centre Amenities

We strive to always exceed your expectations. This extends to our service centre, which is why we offer a wide range of amenities.

Winter Tire Storage

As the temperature drops, it’s important to switch to winter tires. These specialty-designed tires are flexible enough to maintain proper grip in temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius or lower. As the weather warms, you can switch back to normal tires, but what do you do with the winter set of wheels?

Let us free up some space in your garage. We’ll happily store your tires for the season.

Mercedes-Benz Small Repair

If your vehicle experiences minor damage, our highly trained technicians can get your model back to looking like it just rolled off the factory line.1 Some of the repair support our team can provide includes:

  • Cracks in the windshield
  • Damage to the bumper
  • Some dents

The best part? Mercedes-Benz Small Repair often doesn’t require the need to replace entire parts.

Prepaid Maintenance

Make visiting our service centre even easier by purchasing a prepaid maintenance plan. This tailored maintenance plan helps you rest assured your vehicle’s maintenance needs are taken care of from the start.

With this, you know the factory-recommended maintenance is followed and its warranty is maintained.

Extended Limited Warranty

Feel confident in the longevity of your Mercedes-Benz with the purchase of an extended limited warranty. Since your Mercedes-Benz is engineered to bring you years of driving excitement, consider adding additional coverage—up to seven years or a 160,000-kilometre maximum, whichever comes first—to ensure your vehicle is covered throughout its lifespan.

Did You Know: If you decide to sell or trade in your vehicle, an extended vehicle limited warranty can help retain the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz.

Recall Information

Your safety is our priority, and we are committed to keeping you informed about any applicable Canadian recall campaigns that may include your vehicle.

Enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and view the most complete and up-to-date information on current or previous recalls. This resource is always available to you so you can be well-informed about your vehicle and family’s safety.

Service & Parts Specials

Have your vehicle services for less than imagined when you take advantage of our rotating service specials. We recommend you frequently check our website to see if you can take advantage of these specials.

Looking to customize your Mercedes-Benz? Want to work on a DIY project? We also offer a rotating selection of parts specials. Gain access to the same Mercedes-Benz genuine parts we use at our service centre and all accessories.

Visit Our Service Centre Today

When you’re looking for robust service all in one convenient location, the service centre at Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo is here to help. Our team of factory-trained and well-educated technicians will use their skills and expertise to provide whatever service or repairs your Mercedes-Benz needs.

On top of that, we’re here for all the in-between services, such as tire storage, warranty information, and much more. Plus, thanks to our convenient online scheduler, you can reserve the appointment slot on the date and time that’s most convenient.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get started today and experience the Mercedes-Benz Difference. With our help, you and your Mercedes-Benz will cruise around Kitchener, Waterloo, London, and Burlington, ON, for years at a time.



1 Mercedes-Benz Small Repairs are assessed on a case by case basis. Please speak to your Service Advisor for details.

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Winter Tire Storage

Let us free up some space in your garage and save you the trouble. We’ll store your tires for $175 for the season.

Contact us today! 


More than just an oil change. With each maintenance visit, one of our Mercedes-Benz factory-trained Technicians will inspect key components of your vehicle throughout the engine compartment, interior, exterior, underside, wheels, brakes and trunk. Depending on your vehicle’s specified interval, additional services will be required such as replacing your air filter, fuel filter, coolant or transmission fluid.For more information on specific services, please refer to the Service Booklet included in your vehicle.

Prepaid Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance, tailored for you. Drive with confidence knowing that your scheduled maintenance is taken care of right from the start. Prepaid maintenance offers additional savings compared to pay-as-you-go and is available for most Mercedes-Benz models at the time of purchase, or any time before the first scheduled maintenance visit.Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance offers further peace of mind: your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance will be followed, its warranty maintained, and all work will be performed by one of our highly-skilled Technicians using the latest diagnostic tools, and Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Click here to learn more about Prepaid Maintenance.

Extended Limited Warranty

Your Mercedes-Benz is engineered to bring you years of driving pleasure. With this in mind, if you plan to drive your vehicle beyond its four-year/80,000 km new vehicle warranty, then a Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty might be right for you.Extended coverage is available for up to seven years or up to a 160,000 km maximum, whichever comes first. And if you change your mind and decide to sell or trade in your vehicle during this period, an Extended Limited Warranty can help retain and increase the resale value of your Mercedes-Benz.

Click here to learn more about Extended Limited Warranty.

Small Repair

In many cases, minor damage to your vehicle can be fixed with very little fuss – and without replacing entire parts. With Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair, we offer you the opportunity to quickly eliminate smaller dents in the sheet metal panel, cracks in the windshield or damage to the bumper quickly and to Mercedes-Benz standards*.

*SmallRepairs are assessed on a case by case basis. Please speak to your Service Advisor for details.

Recall Information

At Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, your safety is our priority, and we are committed to keeping you informed about any applicable Canadian recall campaigns that may include your vehicle.
Simply click the link below, enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see the most complete and up-to-date information on current or previous recalls. This resource is always available to you. It does not provide recall information for non-Canadian vehicles.

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**This dealership is a tire collection site and you may return tires to this site at no charge.

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