Buying vs. Leasing: Which Method is Right For Me?

March 20th, 2017 by

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Getting a new car can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience. Even if you already have some money budgeted for the expense, there’s all the research you need to do to first determine which type of vehicle will best meet your needs, followed by the comparing of models across your favorite manufacturers’ lineups. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you’re faced with the question of whether you’d like to buy or lease your shiny new car, and, frankly, the answer might not always be so obvious. With that in mind, the team at Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the benefits of both options.

To Buy or Not to Buy

When we talk about buying a new car, most of the time we’re referring to financing the vehicle, unless you’re planning to pay cash up front. There are, of course, a number of benefits to purchasing your new vehicle, one of the biggest being that you will actually own it in the end. As a piece of your property, you’re free to do with it as you like: drive it as many miles as you like, customize details both big and small, spill coffee on the seats (although we don’t recommend that). When you finance your new car, the dealership will work with you to come up with a contract length and monthly payment that works to your benefit, and once the term of your contract is finally up, the car is fully yours! For some, it is a great point of pride to own their own vehicle. Learn more about financing from Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo, as well as our Star Advantage!

Stay Fresh by Leasing a New Car

When you lease from a dealership, you have lower monthly payments and generally a shorter overall contract. While you are responsible for any damage or unusual wear and tear, you also get to return the car at the end of your term and may then pick out a desirable new car to lease. Drivers who find themselves often wanting to drive the newest vehicles with all the latest gadgets might find leasing to be a fitting choice. Plus, leasing eliminates the hassle of having to sell your old car (and deal with depreciation woes) before getting a new one. If this appeals to you, we encourage you to read up on our First Class Lease options.

Let Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo Help You Buy or Lease Today

Still having trouble deciding? Don’t fret! Contact our expert team today, so we can help guide you out of the murky forest of confusion. Also, take comfort in the fact that there’s no “wrong” or “bad” way to acquire your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It really just comes down to preference and personal priorities, which is why we offer an array of attractive financing and lease options across our entire new vehicle lineup. Give us a call at (519) 579-4460 to speak to one of our associates further about whether buying or leasing might be right for you.

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